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We search for winners, and then we do all we can to help companies realise their dreams. We work with our partners to find strategically aligned investors while you keep focusing on your business.

We have demonstrated that great companies come from all corners of the world. Everyone wants to spot the world’s next extraordinary business, and we’re playing our part.






Our track record

We support investments in companies operating in various sectors and have a particular interest in companies who have demonstrated success locally and those expanding geographically to access new markets, ideas, people, and opportunities.

Seventytwo Capital was integral to the success of our $20m capital raising, in the form of a convertible note. With a conviction to deliver results and exceptionally quick placement, we knew they had our best interests in mind throughout the entire process and were able to align with our deadlines in a timely and efficient manner. Their considerable experience in capital raising, their deep and trusted relationships with investors, and their history of supporting high growth companies made them the logical choice for us as a partner.


How it works

In general, our team can execute at a fast pace however the whole client engagement process may take up to 3 months to be completed. 


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