The rule of 72

We have a passion for supporting the development of companies that are strong and sustainable in the long-term. With an enduring commitment to responsible investment, we take a multi-stakeholder approach and a mindset that defines our approach, which is about much more than just capital.

The power of compounding is at the heart of what we do. By building a strong foundation of trust and providing a high standard of work from day 1, we deliver compounding benefits that flows through our capital raises, corporate advisory services and partnerships.

Founders & Leadership

Passion, value and ethics

– Life’s mission

– Professional

– Transparency and accountability

– Shared upside

Size of Opportunity

What is the total addressable market and your part in it?

– We are looking for businesses that have either market dominance or an enormous market

– i.e 5% share in a market that will grow 20x in 5 years

– i.e >30% share in a winner takes all market

Growth Trajectory

How and by how much do you intend to grow?

– In 5 years: (A) 3x rev from $3m or (B) 2x rev from $10m

Exit Objectives

What is the path to realising returns?

– Our horizon is as flexible as yours

– We have the ability to generate a path to listing within 12 months

– Our Investment thesis means we are looking for decades of growth


Are we a fit?

We work with our partners to develop companies with a demonstrated track record of attractive, consistent investment performance or a compelling strategy to get there.


Our multidisciplinary team is made up of corporate strategists, founders, VC’s, Private Equity and Investment Banking specialists who enables us to deliver a comprehensive range of services to support your growth objectives, and reverse engineer an achievable and successful path to a liquidity event.


Integrity ~ always

Relationships ~ built on trust

Excellence ~ rooted in passion

Curiosity ~ from an insatiable thirst for knowledge

One Team 


We are capital raisers and avid supporters of Australia’s emerging growth companies. From Series A to IPO, we support the compounding journey.



Empowering tomorrow’s global winners.


We were fortunate to get introduced to Seventytwo early on in our journey and they quickly became an invaluable strategic partner. Not only were they efficient in making introductions, but helped as a sparring partner in (almost) every aspect of our business right through the fund raising process.

As a result of their efforts, our round was oversubscribed with a cap table of strategic investors. As someone who values genuine partnerships, I can honestly say Seventytwo looked out for our interests and had our back the whole way. Do whatever you can to work with them.

Gordon Tan

Non-executive Director, Alii
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