Building An Investment Thesis

This month, the team at SeventyTwo have reviewed several themes and ideations from leading market makers and investment managers to provide an overview of concepts to support your own investment thesis. Megatrends, top-down considerations As p ...


Disruption or Interruption?

February 2023 Steve Jobs first revealed the iPhone to the world on January 9, 2007. The phone blew away consumers and quickly became Apple’s most successful product ever. There have since been 2.2 billion iPhones sold and Apple has become the wor ...

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Crisis of Confidence

April 2023 Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), specializing in catering to the unique banking needs of startups, positioned itself as a trusted financial institution to nearly half of all startups in the United States who contributed the lion’s share of i ...


Investing in uncertain times

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Getting comfortable with uncertainty

Effective Board Governance

At the intersection of companies, their boards and investors, there is an aligned objective of success encompassing a broader range of perspectives that can sharpen the acuity with which to critically examine the internal and external environment and make better choices appropriate to the circumstances faced.


100 Baggers

The holy grail is the 100-bagger; a stock that returns $100 for every $1 invested. They may seem impossible to pick out, but definite patterns emerge when studying these companies more closely.